I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor currently working in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I am specialized in treating those with substance addictions as well as the affected family system, and have extensive experience working with those at every phase of recovery.   

My work encompasses issues beyond addiction and co-dependency to include relationship, career, self-esteem, phase-of-life difficulties, trauma, anxiety and depression.   

I work with individuals, couples and groups.  I feel that a therapeutic experience comes from an open and collaborative dialogue between the therapist and client, and so do not work from one specific orientation, but rather pull from a range of modalities to tailor my approach in meeting each clients’ unique needs. 

Together, the work we do will clarify and address your specific goals and struggles andwill facilitate healing past wounds by deepening insight and compassion for the self. We will work to confront and remove that which blocks growth, evolution and sustainable contentment. 

I hold a masters in Psychological Counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University, and have several years experience in integrative meditation and mindfulness practices. I believe this work necessitates a commitment to ones own self actualizing journey. My personal interest in and lifelong commitment to holistic wellness is interwoven with my work not only benefitting my own life but better helping me serve others.