"There is no understanding of addiction without understanding human pain... Of course addiction is a problem, but it is also an attempt to solve a problem." - Gabor Mate


Addiction is about finding temporary relief. Our work will not be based on relief, but instead on recovery. An understanding of the nature of addiction and sustaining a compassionate environment are the necessary elements to approach this recovery work. I meet all individuals where they are, we create a plan of action informed by concrete behavioral changes we can track while uncovering the latent issues behind the addictive or impulsive behaviors. I support my clients’ goals of physical and emotional sobriety or moderation management. I offer practical approaches that enhance coping and relapse prevention tools. 

I have been privileged to work alongside many others who sought guidance to make meaningful changes in their lives, who courageously work through their pain and struggles with the resolve to evolve into their better selves.





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