Personal Statement

I was skeptical of mental health therapists and of the value of talk therapy. Having past experiences with several therapists that had left me feeling unchanged, I had little faith in the profession as a whole and its ability to help me make any meaningful improvements. Then in 2005 I met a helping professional whom to I was immediately drawn. She was noticeably proactive, emotionally wise, and straightforward. We began our work together and soon after I realized this particular experience was very much unlike those previous. I felt a major shift take place:  I was learning a new way of existing - and of the healing power of this kind of work when it is done with openness, willingness and honesty.

Often people come to therapy feeling stuck in some areas in their lives, and frequently, have resigned themselves to a life burdened with shame, pain and frustration. I align my professional self with my passion and purpose to help others ameliorate these distresses, as well as to assist in their efforts to unite with their true, best version of themselves. I can personally appreciate the very process I aim to be a part of for my clients, and I work to facilitate an experience that gently unshackles the self from many old ways of being in order to live a life with greater ease, presence and authenticity.

My own commitment to holistic wellness sustains my desire to hold a space for my clients not only to safely process their own experiences, but from which they may gain a greater sense of clarity and insight into their potential, personal goals, and direction. The growth journey is never over, and my love for this work with others is imbedded in how it reinforces the work I continue to do on myself.